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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  February 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> news 4 begins now with storm team 4. >> right now at 6:00 dangerous driving conditions in d.c. and throughout our entire area. tonight officials are urging you to stay off the roads. in maryland the snow has been falling fast. the situation so bad that drivers were stuck on the road for hours, including one of our own reporters. >> here's what you can expect. zachary is talking to drivers struggling on the roads. darcy spencer was one of many stuck in traffic, and she's live outside as she knows what the
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conditions are like right now. >> that's going to pack down the snow and continue to create treacherous travel conditions across the area. if are you in pink are you under a winter storm warning until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. that includes the d.c. metro area. most of the region. winter weather advisory for southern maryland and the northern net. here's the latest on storm team 4 radar. the white is snou snow. the penguin is mainly freezing rain. you can see that mainly impacting southern maryland up through washington. this is our storm system moving towards the north and east. now, in the area where we are starting to see this mix over this includes wal dofsh. reagan national is reporting freezing rain. we'll continue to track a wintry mix. that means freezing rain snow sleet, and even a little bit of
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rain. veronica the temperatures are -- temperatures are slowly warming. like we've been saying people have to stay off the roads. we're going to throw it out to you with a look at the current temperatures right now. >> yeah. you guys saw that purple on the radar. that's the sleet. exactly what's falling here. then it's nothing but sleet right now where i am just out front of nbc 4 northwest d.c. throughout the area again, temperatures very critical to what we're going to see overnight. if you thought you could get by okay today with the snow-covered roads, not the case as we move forward. 30 in d.c. down to freezing rain. the sleet and even rain starting to come into the wrar. gradually warming as we get to 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. what that means is eventually all rain is going to take over. for several hours we are going
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see the sleet and freezing rain and that's going to be coming down top of those snow-covered roads. compacting the situation even more and making it that much worse to drive on than what we've already had to deal with. in a couple of minutes, i'll be back to talk about conditions on area roads for tomorrow morning. chris. >> thanks. mroo we continue our team coverage with darcy spencer. caught in standstill traffic. darcy, we understand there were a lot of other drivers right there with you. >> reporter: myself and thousands of others. it was slow going and dangerous. at one point i just said that's it pulled over the car, and here we are in gaithersburg. there were a lot of people crashing. they were spinning out, getting in accidents. it's just not worth it if you can get off the roads.
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this is shady grove road here in the gaithersburg area. this road has been plowed but you can see how slushy it is but fortunately right now not a lot of traffic here. that's a good idea. let's go to some video we shot earlier this afternoon. on the beltway, you can see tires spinning out. the car basically stuck on the side of 495. that was the situation all afternoon for people trying to get out and go where they needed to go. the road crews were saying they were having a difficult time getting the roads cleared, but there was so much traffic out there. i-270 -- if you encountered even a small hill it was very treacherous trying to get up that hill and, again, down the hill was so many accidents too numerous to count. let's hear from one woman who made it out this afternoon just for a grocery run.
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>> it's just hard to get up the hills. it's crazy. >> reporter: yeah it pretty much is crazy. that's a good way to describe it. you can see here a van driving by here. this is a catering company. one of the local restaurants is trying to make his way here to a local restaurant. shady grove road it has been plowed. it is still snow-covered. i don't have the pat kol linz snow stick, but can you see it comes up about here. if you can stay just home and enjoy it and watch it fall. >> we're reporting live from gaithersburg darcy spencer, news 4. over 2,000 trucks on the street
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trying to clear as many roads as possible. so many drivers have been out here. it's made it more difficult for plows to do their job and clear all the snow. >> we're urging people to please stay calm. i understand there are a lot of people on the road and they're trying to get home. it's going to be a very slow trip for them as well. >> nearly all the local jurisdictions have declared snow emergencies as darcy mentioned. that means no parking on snow emergency routes. schools in our area canceled most of the weekend activities. we just learned that tyson's galleria mall closed about an hour ago. you can find all the closings and cancellations on our website, and when officials make a decision about sunday and monday, we send you an alert on the storm team 4 app. drivers are not the only ones dealing with a messy commute. metro had to evacuate riders after a train malfunction and fill the station with smoke. this is what it looked like inside the woodly park station. we are not seeing it right
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there. the woodly park station was filled with sme today. red line riders say they heard a small explosion and then saw smoke bloiling around them. firefighters had to be called to the station, but passengers were all evacuated safely. metro did take that train out of service to check it out. as we stay on that screen you can see we'll keep updating you throughout the night. police records may have finally revealed what really happened to the lyon sisters. they were just seen friday and named two persons of about, but tonight their family is refusing to talk. >> hi. >> no comment. no comment. >> well, just -- patricia wra. >> leave the property or i'll call the police. >> what do you think -- they keep throwing you under the bus. >> david culver tried to get their reaction to a story in the washington post. the paper obtained an affidavit where it says lloyd welch
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admitted he kidnapped the sisters. mother nature forced a lot of things to close today, but not one of our local markets. >> i always idolized myself after sean taylor. >> sean taylor still admired by so many prospects, including one safety that hopes to land in washington. i'm diana in indianapolis. i'll h.
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>> the snow certainly canceled a lot of plans. local farmers market decided stick it out. they're very grateful for a >> it came down fast and furious. visibility was low, and caution high for those on the road but amid it all, this outdoor farmer's market went on almost as usual. >> it's not a lot of people just walking around. people come out here looking for sfw. >> be it the farm fresh eggs or country ham people have grown accustomed to old man winter couldn't keep them away. >> regulars are coming out.
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they're here today. >> those regulars were truly great. the efforts of the merchants who had to brave dicey roads to get there. >> i am very grateful. this is awesome. >> you like this? >> i do. well not exactly the cold but to have them come out here and support us is brilliant. >> some thought they could get some vending in before the storm. >> we are expected to be out later. 11:00, 12:00. >> reporter: nonetheless, most stuck it out making the best of the challenging weather when even the faithl regulars had their limits. >> if it was going to be ice-rain no. >> reporter: eric ward news 4. the conditions on the road are to get even worse. how drivers are dealing with the hazards. new video into the newsroom of the situation in trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check
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all day transportation officials have been urging drivers to stay off the roads and let plows do their jobs. zachary keesh is live along. how does it look in d.c.? >> it's not looking great, chris. as one driver told me the roads ain't nothing nice. nothing nice out here. it's cold. it's wet. we've seen kind of a mix of heavy snow. if you take down and look right here you can see some of the accumulation now. we're also seeing some of this
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wintry mix. you n tak at some of e vid and look at what we saw in wisconsin. it really reflects the two worlds that a lot of drivers are talking about. wisconsin, it's a main drag. it's an emergency evacuation route. typically a good gauge of how plows are keeping up. out here today traffic was a little bit slower than normal but folks were poking around. obviously suvs and trucks moving better than some of the other guys. if you looked at some of the side streets, 42nd street is one of them. a plow has want been on that street all day long. it's making things difficult. the drivers i talked to said all this effort about the snow is certainly justified. >> today it's justified. i see a lot of snow plows out here. today is justified. you don't want to go too fast right now. fwloo got to take it easy. really slow. in this you could slide. >> a lot of drivers pumping gas
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here and some folks are skipping driving altogether. there's a safeway grocery store just beyond us here and a lot of people deciding to keep the car home today and walk if they needed to leave. as you mentioned, encouraging folks to stay off the road this evening. reporting live from northwest d.c. zachary, news 4. >> thanks zach. it took me over an hour to get in here from alexandria today, and now it's not just snow we're dealing with now. >> now ice is starting to fall. sleet and freezing rain across the area. that's going to pack down the snow, and we could see some ice accumulation. you want to avoid travel tonight. as we continue to track this wintry mix until about 10:00 p.m. and then once we start to hit 11:00 p.m. midnight, that's when we're going to start to see the ice changing over to all rain. temperatures actually going to slowly warm overnight as veronica talked about when she was on the storm team 4 weather deck. these are current temperatures. inside of the d.c. metro area you can see that we're at 30 in washington. then head north to rockville.
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25 degrees in gaithersburg. if we can hop on over to max two and go over your weather headlines, again, this wintry mix continues until 10:00 p.m. n roads coulde slick. after that we see rain mixing in. as we continue to track this situation, treacherous travel on wrar roads. now, by tomorrow morning if we can go to the weather headlines, i think we'll be seeing that in the computer. 4:22. we're going to be looking at rain ending early tomorrow morning, and then just cold temperatures for the upcoming week. again, we're taking a look at metro temperatures right now. there we have it. our weather headlines. wintry mix hangs to rain between 11:00 p.m. at midnight. rain ends early tomorrow morning. i'll be showing you that timing. then cold. very cold. not record cold. here's the latest on storm team 4 radar. the pink is freezing rain. the purple is sleet. you can see that around
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winchester. also seeing that in the district. reporting freezing rain. veronica reporting sleet right now. around waldorf, sleet is falling, and then down around leonardtown, actually seeing some rain. here's our latest snowfall forecast. i think we could have added this should have been more of the four to six inch range. it was really the areas in loudoun county and frederick and parts of montgomery county that have reported the most snowfall. woodbridge picked up two and a half inches. your impact forecast for tomorrow the weather will be having a moderate impact on your day. because of the rain ending early, and still slick spots after that. when the rain mix comes to an end, so it starts to leave frederick in loudoun counties, once we start to get to 5:00 and 6:00 a.m., it's going to pool out of the beltway. we're dry here in washington by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. with what the roads will be like tomorrow morning, we're going to
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send things off to veronica on the storm team 4 weather deck. >> right now they're lousy. that was the case earlier today. people look at some of the im that we had from earlier. sending in this one. this is when she was ready to get on the beltway. this photo here of roads that were skidding all over the place. there was even one car that turned sideways, and a couple of folks got out of their cars to check it out, and route 50 and fairfax heading to maryfield. this image from nicki just snow-packed roads and, of course now we're getting as you said the sleet, the freezing rain the rain. sleet only slightly better. we'll be switching over to all rain. regardless our temperatures stay around 35 degree thl be warming. we've got temperatures out here right now. here's a look at what you can expect tomorrow morning. we hit the 6:00 a.m. hour. the 9:00 a.m. hour. around lunchtime tomorrow i think roads most of the main roads by noon tomorrow should be
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fine. >> back to you, guys. >> again, here's your planner. like veronica said the roads looking okay by 9:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. 7:00 a.m. this is when the rain is ending. a temperature of 34 degrees. a high tomorrow of 39. it's another cold day. there will only be some melting across the area. then we're talking about refreeze again on monday morning. breezy on monday and very cold. and, chris, we're going to have another look at the seven-day at the he wanted but
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well the division is tight, and it's just been made tighter. >> they need thissed game and the capitals not making it easy at all on visiting teams. whenever they play at the verizon center. in the last 15 games at home the capitals have won 12 during that stretch, and with their victory today, for the first time this season the fellows have won four consecutive games. braidon holtby playing lights out in net late. we will start in the third period. we're tied 1-1. he comes up with the nice save here.
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it leads to a caps break. back to the 17th goal of the season. the capitals they go on top 2-1. same score. the islanders pull the goalie for the extra man, and it pays off. ryan strong ties it 2-2. not much action except right he johnson. the only tally. islanders down to their last. how about holtby. 30 saves in this game. that one the biggest. they won this one 3-2. their fourth straight victory. the capitals they're in philadelphia tomorrow. moving on to baseball now. spring training manager matt williams plenty of problems on his hands this spring. they're all good problems. which pitch ever to start on
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opening day. steven strasbourg jordan zimmerman. plenty of time to figure that out. spring training continues tomorrow. they will report this tuesday. let's move on to the nfl combine. a number of different position players. ran the 40-yard dash today. former maryland receivers to find digs clocked in at 4.46. now, we are down at the combine today, and there's another potential draft prospect for the redskins. >> jason, the red skenz have lots of needs, but one of the biggest concerns is at safety. today i caught up with him, and told me his dream is to be a washington red skin. >> it was nerve racking when i -- i got up to call my cusp.
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i was, like man, it's right here. it's crazy. you just -- it's nerve racking because you finally got the opportunite here and be, like man, i'm this close. >> you mentioned shawn who has been an inspiration to you. he is somebody you want to emulate, somebody you want to be. would this be a dream for you to be a washington red skin if they going to draft you? >> that would be a dream. i would be so excited to be able to play with them and be on a team. it would be a dream come true. >> who do you want to hope and emulate and be like? >> he brought it passion to the field, and people fear him. he -- it wasn't -- you knew he was coming across but you knew he was coming down here and was going to hit you. wasn't going to let nothing stop him. >> collins add myers shawn taylor so much he even wore 26 we played at alabama.
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the same number shawn taylor wore when he played in college. collins tells us he has meetings set up with the washington redskins later tonight. in indianapolis diana russini, news 4 sports. >> thanks diana. a few college basketball scores for you. gw losers today. vcu, they defeated u mass. georgetown they will play tonight. >> all right. thanks jason. what's on tap this week? >> well tomorrow it's going to be cold. a high temperature of 39 degrees. only some li. rain ends by 7:00 a.m. of course i'll have the latest coming up on news 4 at 11:00.
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on this saturday night, no end in sight. this brutal and deadly winter weather, the dangerous cold and ice and now fears of flooding as yet another big storm and deep freeze on the way. off track, on the eve of the daytona 500, the driver nicknamed "the outlaw" remains suspended tonight. kurt busch the latest high profile sports figure accused of domestic violence. exit plan. will the u.s. slow down its withdrawal of american troops from afghanistan? today's surprise comments from the new secretary of defense. and good question a place where they still search for answers the old fashioned way. this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt substituting tonight peter


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